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Antillus Personnel Solutions, Inc. is a full service staffing firm established in 2010, providing personnel services for private companies, government entities, and project management.

We cover all of southern California, and we service clients from San Diego to Central California.  Most of our work is for clients in the Government, Transportation, Engineering, and Financial Services industries.
Who we are?
We are dedicated to building long term strategic business partnerships by providing customized staffing solutions for the present and the future. We operate with a modest sales team, and have grown and prospered primarily due to our ability to consistently attain excellence. Many projects are won based on a reputation for providing impeccable service and best-in-class professional individuals. We are proud of our ability to offer extraordinary flexibility.
Every client is different and every candidate is unique. We work with our clients to understand staffing challenges and learn from our candidates what motivate them most. Using this information, we build unique recognition programs. Some of these programs may include annual bonuses and/or assignment completion bonuses. Every Antillus Personnel Solutions candidate is eligible to receive Referral Awards and Candidate of the Month honors.
Value is the usefulness or importance of something to its possessor. At Antillus , our definition of value is to provide our clients with an experience that exceeds any expectation to become an indispensible partner.

We offer numerous approaches designed to maximize value through cost controls, data management, efficient communication and the elimination of lost time and resources.
No matter what the working environment, businesses need staffing solutions that are flexible and can quickly respond to workload fluctuations.
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Personnel Solutions
At Antillus , our philosophy is straightforward and simple. We strive to be the most effective and efficient placement service in Southern California. Antillus Personnel Solutions works with the best applicants who are screened so effectively that only those most qualified will represent our company. Only the absolute best candidates are presented to our clients for employment consideration.
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